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Helping Those Who Help Others

Available in all 50 States

Donated 35M+

We Empower The Empowering.

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We Empower The Empowering

Good 3nergy Rewards Those Who Empower Others. Our Program Rewards Non-Profits Who Promote Renewable Energy. That Way the Next Generation has A Better, Cleaner Planet than Ever Before. 

Better Partners. 
Better People.
Better Planet.

We are blessed enough to have a phenomenal network of Partners who want to make a positive change. Together we can make the impossible, possible.

Rewarding Those Who Inspire.

We recognize it can be difficult for a non-profit to move to renewable energy, with the lack of Government incentives available for 501C's. With our program GREEN, G3 rewards the amazing companies who inspire others and bring positivity to our planet.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving.

Being able to not only help companies who choose to make a positive impact for others, but also create a better planet for future generations is what we believe creates the most impactful way to create change. 

Together, The Possibilities Are Endless.

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